GDPR Privacy Policy



Policies for handling and protecting personal information


Privacy and personal data protection is a primary duty. 

We handle personal data only in accordance with applicable law. Introducing principles that clarify what we do to ensure confidentiality and privacy. 
The purpose of the document is to provide you with information about what personal data we collect, how we handle them, how we source them, what uses we use, who we can provide them, 
where you can get information about your personal data we process and what are the individual security options. 


What personal information does Solvent Truck sro collect and process?

Personal information that Solvent Truck can process:

  • identification data

Personal data used for clear and unambiguous identification of the customer (name, surname, title, permanent address, personal identification number and company ID). 

  • contact information

Personal information enabling contact with the customer (contact address, telephone number, fax number, e-mail address and other similar information). 

  • use of services

Data on the negotiation and use of services (eg order data, billing information, customer contact records). 

With regard to the contractual nature of the relationship between Solvent Truck sro and the customer, the provision of personal data is entirely voluntary. However, Solvent Truck sro can not enter into a trade or provide a service unless personal data necessary for the conclusion of the relevant trade or service are provided.


From what sources does Solvent Truck Ltd. acquire personal data?

  • Directly from the customer when negotiating the conclusion of a trade or provision of the service and the subsequent implementation or registration of the customer at . even by filling out common forms.
  • From publicly accessible registers, lists and registers (business register, trade register, land register, public telephone directory, etc.) and other public sources (including social and internet information that the client himself publishes).
  • From other entities, as provided for in a special regulation (eg, Section 260, Section 260g of Act No. 99/1963 Coll., The Code of Civil Procedure); from other entities, if the customer has given his / her consent (eg from surveys and user testing).


For what purposes does Solvent Truck Ltd. use and process personal data?


  • For business and service-related purposes, in particular for the conclusion of a trade or provision of a service, for the provision of all other activities related to the realization of a business or service and for the development of new services.
  • To fulfill legal obligations on certain measures against crime and terrorist financing, and others).
  • To protect their rights and legitimate interests, especially for analyzing and evaluating potential risks.
  • For other purposes (eg for marketing activities, etc.).


How does Solvent Truck sro ensure personal data protection?

  • Personal data is under physical, electronic and procedural control. We do not accumulate anything we do not need to establish a business.
  • Control, technical, and security mechanisms to ensure the best possible protection of processed data from unauthorized access or transmission, loss or destruction, and other possible misuse.


Who does Solvent Truck provide?

  • State authorities, respectively. to other entities, if necessary for the protection of rights, for example by courts, to court bailiffs. The extent of the personal data provided is limited to the data necessary for the successful exercise of the claim.
  • Only with the consent of the customer or upon his order may personal data be provided to other entities.


What approach does the customer have to his personal data and what is the duty of Solvent Truck sro?

For information about the personal data of Solvent Truck sro , the client can request it on the system at 

If another delivery method is agreed. 

If a customer discovers or believes that Solvent Truck sro has been involved in the processing of personal data in violation of its rights or in violation of its statutory obligations, it may seek redress using all means provided by the applicable law (see § 21 Act No. 101/2000 Coll., on the Protection of Personal Data). With his or her suggestions, the client can also contact the Office for Personal Data Protection directly.

Where can the customer contact for further information, where can he apply any objections to the processing of personal data?

The customer has the opportunity to contact the contacts listed at at any time, where they will answer any questions regarding personal data. 
Here you can also apply for any objections to the processing of personal data. 

How does Solvent Truck sro inform about the principles and rules for processing and protecting personal data?

These policies are available at 
With the rules of processing and protection of personal data, the customer is acquainted with the conclusion of a trade or service, registration or sending the form on

If you have any questions, we will be happy to answer it.